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The magic of Christmas

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Walking along city streets you see lights, dressed up trees, shop windows decorated with baubles and Christmas scenes. You see children give their letters to Father Christmas, parents rushing to buy what their children have asked for. Someone is already thinking about the great Christmas Dinner. Now everything seems ready for the…

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Can we defeat undernourishment and stop the death of children?

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Everywhere you walk in the streets of the villages of Sierra Leone, you will see children with swollen bellies, their bare bodies so thin that you can count all of their little bones. Children who do not know the meaning of nutrition and have only rice to survive. Children who refuse the…

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BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Children running between bombs, children hiding in the alleys of death, children with a blank stare as if to ward off the pain that crushes their hearts, children with blood on their hands as they hug their mother or father killed by an unjust war, a war they cannot understand. Not only.…

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