Forever with me – song by Samuel Colombo (ft. M’Posh)

Sierra Leone, on the notes of “Forever with me” song (Samuel Colombo ft. M’Posh), let yourself be carried away on this journey of colors, customs, traditions. Take in the nature with us, look yourself in the mirror of crystal-clear waters, take a transport, free your heart and let yourself be overwhelmed by the positive energy that these notes are able to transmit. Dance to life, dance with us on a city street. And in these sweet moments live a friendship and love story between a white man and an African woman. Two different cultures, two different origins but united by wanting to build a life together. A life made of love, loyalty, complicity, responsibility in simple daily actions. A love far from interest. A love built day by day through knowledge, listening, respect.

So have I convinced you?

Watch the music video, listen to the words. We are sure you’ll love it!

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Posted on 03/05/2022 in Music Is life

Written by Samuel Colombo

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