The magic of Christmas



Walking along city streets you see lights, dressed up trees, shop windows decorated with baubles and Christmas scenes. You see children give their letters to Father Christmas, parents rushing to buy what their children have asked for. Someone is already thinking about the great Christmas Dinner. Now everything seems ready for the great Christmas Eve.

Does man actually feel the magic of Christmas in his heart? Does man continue to follow that bright star that guided the shepherds to the Bethlehem stable?  Does man still experience Christmas as the hope that a new Light can shine on country leaders?

If we asked adults to write their letter, the keywords we would probably find recurrently would be peace, and joy.

Man would like to experience the magic of Christmas like children, who, in their simplicity and innocence, are capable of closing their eyes and dreaming. Believing that Father Christmas or Baby Jesus can really enter their homes and make their wishes come true.

Man would also like to go back to being a child even if just for one night and feeling in his heart the hope that it is possible to embrace the magic of Christmas, and allow himself to be guided by a new Light.

Christmas is for everyone but we need to make ourselves little, we need to become simple.

The true magic of Christmas does not lie in the gifts, the great dinner but rather in being able to allow a new Light to enter our hearts. That Light that allows man to continue to believe in himself, that pushes man to act even in the most extreme hardship, that pushes man to start on a journey towards something real, loyal, lasting. A Light that is capable of radically changing the life of man, because he looks to his inner and individual self.

Only then can Christmas truly become Magic.

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Posted on 23/12/2016 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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