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Cafè & Chocolat: la boutique del sapore

BY GIULIA LEGGIO In data 2 Marzo corrente mese, sono stata invitata a Cernusco sul Naviglio, alle porte di Milano, al Cafè & Chocolat per un aperitivo organizzato dal proprietario Nicola Cerizza a sostegno della Solidarity, Associazione volontaria che opera in Sierra Leone, e che ora è impegnata in un progetto di crescita e sviluppo di…

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passi di donna

Passi di donna

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Donna,  dove cammini tutta sola? Su quali note danzi sola nel deserto? Quali orme stai cercando di seguire?   Sei donna, sei moglie, sei madre.   Cammini, corri, danzi.   Ti lasci incantare dal Creato, ti lasci coinvolgere da un pianto di un bambino, ti lasci condurre dal richiamo alla vita quotidiana.…

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Capodanno a Londra: un’emozione da provare

BY SAMUEL COLOMBO Alle 3 del pomeriggio del 31 dicembre 2016 ero già alla stazione di Embankment nel centro di Londra a due passi da Big Ben, London Eye, ponte di Westminster e Parlamento. Volevo evitare il traffico delle ore successive e godermi ogni attimo di questo ultimo giorno dell’anno. Subito appena uscito dalla stazione…

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The magic of Christmas

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Walking along city streets you see lights, dressed up trees, shop windows decorated with baubles and Christmas scenes. You see children give their letters to Father Christmas, parents rushing to buy what their children have asked for. Someone is already thinking about the great Christmas Dinner. Now everything seems ready for the…

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‘Meet Joe Black’: what a good film can bring forth within us

BY MARCO MAGNI “If food is the prose of a party, then lights are its poetry” The kaleidoscope of iridescence these days – heralding the upcoming Christmas holidays – appears like a joyful flame shining against the darkness of night and awakens that desire of light we all share. That same brightness suddenly goes out,…

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Solidarity: “Return their childhood”

Holy Christmas is on its way and everywhere we look parents are crowding shopping centres looking for presents for their children. These parents seek a good offer to purchase the requested game. Children have already begun to write theirs letters to Baby Jesus and his helper, Father Christmas. The quicker ones already gave it to…

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The art of welcoming

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Welcoming is not just opening the door to one’s home. Welcoming is not a superficial gesture that always expects a return. Welcoming is not satisfying one’s conscience in order to guarantee a reward in Paradise. Welcoming requires love for one’s life and that of the people who we meet, in various circumstances,…

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The power of Love

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Love is freedom’s widest breath. Love is respecting dignity. Love is heeding yourself and heeding the silences of those next to you. Love is opening up the doors to your heart to those who ask for help. Love is moving legs and hands to aid. Love is never sated because every day…

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BY MARY GRACE VATICANO This often mischievous life makes me smile. It makes us believe that nothing is impossible, yet we have a secret she will never know. Despite her constantly presenting us with the ugliest things, we always succeed in seeing something good. She does often place us before a crossroads, where making a…

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The sound of the sky

BY ALESSANDRO CASTELLANI A dear friend, he has had enough of being the cobbler of souls, he is fed up of being the remedy for a moment and then deserted for the remaining time. Do you realise that for centuries you had everyone step on me, you had me give land to those who did…

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