Never Lose Hope



BY VIVIAN COLOMBO   I raise my eyes to the sky I stretch out my arms as if trying to hold it And i let my heart hear the call of the infinity I let my being dive into that boundless blue   What can give me such a peace If not silence If not…

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BEAUTY. Poetry by Alessandro Castellani

BY ALESSANDRO CASTELLANI A gazing over time I stop before thee You the radiance of light in all my eye captures the soul as the spell All your form I’m excited in time who was my and others’ eyes dream fairy dressed up me show in elegance and eternal virtues that both body or artistic…

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HOPE. Poetry by Vivian Colombo

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO HOPE is strength inside you HOPE is your commitment to helping those who really need help HOPE is your prayer to the Father recognizing that you can’t control and manage everything. We are just men and women. HOPE is acceptance of your limits and have faith on God’s power. HOPE is throwing…

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BY VIVIAN COLOMBO   Fine sand, Warm sand, Dry sand.   I’m here speaking to you, I’m here gazing at you While you extended in your length and width.   I’m here  And my heart is carried away by your smell, By the words you evoke in my soul.   This place is called desert…

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BY VIVIAN COLOMBO I walked the streets of the city when suddenly my gaze is resting on a joung mother who was holding in her arms her little baby born a few days. A small infant with arms and legs that looked like the little bones of a skeleton. My eyes rested on this baby…

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Breath Let yourself be illuded by waves Now hight, now low But don’t let yourself be swallowed Listen to the rustle of the wind, To the call of animals And go into the creation of the Father. Breathe Get out of the world Open your lungs to Christ’s life. Breathe  Look at the nature and…

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