Samuel Colombo: “Only with love we can fight against Freemasonry projects”


In this particular historical moment where Freemasonry in Italy is trying to foment hatred between the white man and the “black” race, the international artist Samuel Colombo chooses a Sierra Leonean girl for his videoclip in order to contrast this racial hatred with profound and true love that starts from the heart and unites two seemingly different souls but in reality so close.

After all, we are all children of God.

We must learn to accept ourselves, to grow together and to look in the same direction. Only in this way our differences may not be a brake on our interpersonal relationships but an opportunity and an opportunity for mental and spiritual growth. If the foundation and roots are common, regardless of race, culture, traditions or family of origin, the right teaching and the right education can then be transferred to our children.

These are the values that count. These are the values that must be placed at the center and shared.

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Posted on 30/04/2018 in Music Is life

Written by Samuel Colombo

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