Samuel Colombo Adventures​, the new Samuel Colombo’s platform to promote tourism, products, the beauty of creation and the love for life​

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Samuel Colombo Adventures is an entrepreneurial project that began in February 2019 (before with the name of Paradise N Dreams who later became an Italian Magazine) inspired by an idea by Samuel Colombo, CEO of West Africa Corporation, a media company based in London.

“Samuel Colombo Adventures” promotes and supports tourist destinations, dream holiday resorts and products. We offer tourist advice and provide useful information about existing or lesser known destinations.

We hope that this platform will help all those who are longing to feel immersed in the beauty of nature and who want to escape the noise and chaos of city life. Feel dragged into Caribbean dances that emit explosive energy or be immersed in crystal clear and blue waters after a beautiful boat trip!

We are confident this platform will inspire you, by releasing positive energy, to fly and reach your dream destinations away from the greyness of your routine.

But this platform is more than that.

“Samuel Colombo Adventures” is a style, an experience, the way you are. It’s like summer all year round. It’s what you are when you dare, when you break the rules and don’t hide yourself. It’s your love for life, your lightheartedness, your smile. It’s powerful energy spread by your soul. It’s the fire inside you. It’s when you don’t stop, when you never give up.


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Posted on 01/08/2020 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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