With this song produced in Sierra Leone in 2014 Samuel Colombo wants to bring back to mind the myth of rock’n’roll of the ’50s. In those years young people lived with the strong desire to be together and to dance together.

To the tune of rock’n’roll his song Real Friends wants people to dance, stay together, rejoice and wake lazy young up.

Come to discover the video above and the lyrics below.




Here’re my real friends!

They don’t look to your money

They don’t found their friendship on money, success nor cause it’s convenient step up the band-wagon, yea!

They stand by you and if they believe in you and in what you are doing, they pray for you

And fight with you against… every type of adversities

And also, they don’t leave you, especially in the moment… when you need… and i will never leave them!

Real friends, not for interest.

They found their friendship on real values like respect, onesty, reciprocal faith.

Great guys!



Do you need to unbosom, consolation, a word can confort you

Even if you don’t listen them for long time

You know in every moments you can bargain on them

There are few real friends

When you find them, cultivate them close to you

Better than find a diamond




I’m sure that people like them have still existed

We need only to create real relations

Everyone can be wrong

Who doesn’t do…

It’s important to look for the right way and if you’re wrong, you say sorry

And…if it’s possible you can restart from the beginning, if it’s not possible everyone follows his way…

But sometimes we are too much busy to judge the world that we don’t see the reality when maybe we are the worse.

We need always to ask ourself: am i doing the right thing?

Even if it’s not the truth in our mind, it’s important to have at least the awareness good!






With the real friends you can be in some different areas of the world and feel good, be happy.

Because it’s like to be at home

It’s like to be in family

The real friends listen to you and try to understand you, and if they are not always able to understand you, they give you always their affect, their love

Guys! Distrust the people that say to you to be your friend and after they badmouth an other person that they called friend.

They can do the same with you too…

Listen to me…

Stand by friends who believe in you, you can learn from them and become a better person.




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Posted on 20/09/2016 in Music Is life

Written by Samuel Colombo

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