“Forever with me”, more than a music video, a real movie


Romance, love, complicity, joy are just some of the key words in this video that has all the credentials to become the most watched videoclip in Sierra Leone.

Just a few days more and the shooting will be finished.

In the meantime, more and more people, especially those who are in love having heard the song, constantly sing to their partners: “forever with me … forever with me .. forever with me ..

It is becoming a real fashion. As if people were infected by this discharge of love and passion.

As we earlier mentioned, a mix of romance, joy, love on the notes of a song from the Latin rhythms, warm, cheerful, danceable and inevitably triggering.

The videoclip does not trigger animal instincts. The words of the song and the videoclip images show a deep sense of respect for your partner. This is testified by all those who have seen some scenes shot by saying: “This is true love “. Or: “So cute, how sweet they are …

And again: “Me too with my boyfriend I want to do those things ..

Who knows if in the future there will be an opportunity to do a film.

When Contact the artist Samuel Colombo, he said: “We must always keep our feet on the ground. A film would be much more challenging and would also be decidedly expensive. Right now I could not follow directly and in every aspect as I did for the videoclip but only possibly as an actor and singer. If, however, the idea of a musical film style “Grease” should arise, I could not but be extremely enthusiastic. Maybe a few film producers may like the idea. And in case I am available. After all, dreaming is not a sin.

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Posted on 19/04/2018 in Music Is life

Written by Samuel Colombo

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