Sometimes I like to think that Time,

if it had a human form,

would absolutely be the most impossible

being in existence.

The calm way Time waits to see

a seed flower from the earth,

and then gives it its flower and from its flower, its fruit

and then watches it wilt, inexorably.

Time that nobody can best, on the contrary,

it is He that bests everyone.


lord of all that exists in this world,

was already here before anything else,

and He will be here

when all this will cease to exist.

Merciless Time, gifting you the excitement

of stealing infinite moments of joy

and vast expanses of pain, melancholia,
and memories.

Time, a period, so undefined,

sure of Himself, fearing nothing.

Time, an exceptional physician

healing it all,

and like water, it washes away

every sin and every regret.

I say Time privately laughs at our expense,

when he sees the struggles of the world,

the incomprehensible rush people are in,

people who don’t enjoy life,

when all we need to do is slow down,

enjoy the splendour of a sunset over the sea

and let ourselves slowly drift,

losing all sense… of Time

(the only weak spot of this gentleman).

Time has no age,

but we do,

let us not throw it away like this.

A kiss.

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Posted on 24/11/2016 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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