Samuel Colombo: “Here’s my book [Never Lose Hope – Mai Arrendersi!]”


It’s a book for those whose daily mission is not to stop fighting.

It’s a book for those who never give up. For those who, despite bruises and wounds, even in the face of much suffering, even if tired, do not stop reacting.

It’s a book for those who feel down and need strength, light and hope.

It’s a book to inspire you to react from any form of anxiety, fear and unnecessary worry.

A book that acts as a medicine to fight against depression, panic attacks and sloth, the diseases of our time widespread in Western Countries.

It’s a book that gives you the strength to react. It energizes you. It motivates you.

Often people like to talk about what they don’t know. They talk, but prefer not to get involved. They say something but do the opposite. That’s why I decided not to speak abstractly. That’s why I decided to tell people about my personal experience, my life and my incessant battles.

So, if I managed to win my battle – and I’m not a superhero – I’m sure you will, too!

Right now It’s available only in Italian language (check it).

Thanks to Morgan Marinoni for the cover of the book.

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Posted on 29/03/2021 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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