Paradise N Dreams. “From a platform to promote tourism to a real magazine”, Samuel Colombo’s word for it


A real restyling”, these are the words of the founder Samuel Colombo who goes on: “Don’t worry, the tourism aspect will continue on the new platform ‘Samuel Colombo Adventures’ that will be soon on line.

But what’s the reason for this new Magazine after the magazines Rivelazione, Freedom and West Africa Corporation?

Because we need hope, today more than ever. We need to take action, to see examples of living, to see heroes who fight for what’s right, for values. Not for false ideologies. Not for a fake sense of freedom, not for a world with no rules. Today more than ever we need once again become what we were. We need to go back to being as simple as children are. Children dream, fantasize, trust, live. Where are our dreams? Why did people stop believing? We can’t allow ourselves to surrender. I want to do my part in this battle, and since I am CEO and Founder of a media company I want to do something more. I feel in my heart that what I am doing is not enough. Hatred, depression, the lack of respect towards the others, fear and negativity are invading our hearts. They are attacking our souls, and we can’t permit this. I won’t sit on my sofa watching at the world falling apart without doing my part. I don’t want to save it, only God can do that, but at least I can try to make it a better place in my own little way. I won’t sit in my armchair waiting for the storm to pass. I react to the storm before it wipes out everything. And I don’t respond to evil with evil, I do respond to evil with good, with love, hope and faith. Because only in this way we can win.

Follow us, my friends!. Wait until you see our new logo! In the meantime you can find our Facebook page here.

We are waiting for you! God bless you all!

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Posted on 02/07/2020 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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