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The power of Love

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO Love is freedom’s widest breath. Love is respecting dignity. Love is heeding yourself and heeding the silences of those next to you. Love is opening up the doors to your heart to those who ask for help. Love is moving legs and hands to aid. Love is never sated because every day…

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 INPUTDATE: 2006-12-13 16:22:37.643 
 CREDIT: Zade Rosenthal/FROM_PHOTOPOST/Columbia Pictures
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 CAPTION: Will Smith (left) and Jaden Christopher Syre Smith star in Columbia Pictures’ drama The Pursuit of Happyness.

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True happiness is the one that is hidden, that makes no sound, because it touches the soul

BY VIVIAN COLOMBO True happiness is the one that stays hidden, the one that grants no immediate or superficial certainties except that it won’t die, because humankind’s greatest heart desire is to be happy. The hardest conquests, the seemingly unattainable goals are the ones that make a man grow, and lead him to embrace happiness.…

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