True happiness is the one that is hidden, that makes no sound, because it touches the soul

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True happiness is the one that stays hidden, the one that grants no immediate or superficial certainties except that it won’t die, because humankind’s greatest heart desire is to be happy.

The hardest conquests, the seemingly unattainable goals are the ones that make a man grow, and lead him to embrace happiness. Precisely when the heart is moved, and souls rebel against life’s tepidity, against “making do”, do we hear mankind’s shout resonating and seeking happiness.

Life isn’t lived by waiting for something to move. Making something move makes a man grow, and brings him to happiness.

We cannot say: “I am not happy” and continue to live in dissatisfaction, in the continued emptying of oneself, without believing in a radical change, a change in direction. We have all been created to be happy.

We need to go forward and have faith in ourselves even when the road we are travelling in pursuit of happiness seems impossible and fraught, and thorns cut us causing indelible wounds.

We have to fight for happiness, but we must do it because we believe. Everything is possible, but we often need to change direction, and find another way to make the goal attainable. We cannot follow the usual score the world requires us to play, even when it is out of tune or unsuitable for our vocal cords. We cannot compete against runners who are willing to do anything to win the career, appearance, or money trophy. The most important battle to fight until the end is that to weaken and, whenever possible, annihilate the forces of evil, of hatred, of injustice. Only thus can love, truth and justice triumph, leading mankind to happiness.

We must reclaim our right to be happy while respecting others. Happiness, which moves love, is defending our dignity to be men, women and children with our own personality, our values and our talents. The most subtle, penetrating and destructive unhappiness is when another man steps on our life, with actions aimed solely at inhibiting and limiting our freedom to talk, to move, to work. This unhappiness can, unfortunately, in some extreme cases can even lead to suicide, is the dissatisfaction, the seeking but not being able to find, the feeling on our shoulders the responsibility of life even of our relatives and not managing to fulfil all needs. Unhappiness is indeed often borne of not being able to satisfy and respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding world. Unhappiness is wanting to find a place in this world and struggling to receive, when intended, a reward.

Unfortunately, the cases we read and hear about about every day, tell it is does not often happen.

Happiness is not for sale in this world, we cannot purchase it for a low price. We need to be brave, be perseverant, and believe in our own dreams. Dreams of a life lived respecting our own dignity and freedom. Dreams that give us wings, so we can enter our own garden of Eden.

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Posted on 12/11/2016 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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