A young Lady was walking on the damp sand and she left her footmark in each her steps.

She walked and sometimes she protected her lap, she protected a new life that very soon was ready to germinate.

The creature would be flowered and it would taken form of male or a female.

A new creature very soon would have knocked to come in this world fullfilling like this the young mum of joy but at the same time of fear.

It was enough looking in the eyes of this young lady to understand that she was a girl, a student at the last year of school.

Once again a girl has chosen to shoot ahead of her young age.

Once again a girl freely decided to break off her path, of personal and professional growth.

Once again a girl gave up to her dreams, to her juvenile expectations to commit herself to her little creature.

But the greater concern was also the situation of the father. A young man without a job.

Mother and father were two young persons who were to face a new situation, a new actually above them imagine.

Why that? Why a girl thinks is immediately love when her heart start to pound?

The first big and important love is toward yourself, it is toward own body. A body that never to be given to feel emotions but donated. And a body is donated when the love is true, profound. A body is donated when a young boy and a young girl before grow up together, know and comparing each other. A body is donated when they create a relationship that remain forever because it is able to overcome tempests and crisis.

The love asks time. Time for know each other, understand each other, accept each other.

Infact, love means ….have the courage to question and often it doesn’t see the woman as a object, a machine built to children.

Children left to these young women who walk on the street, who sit down on the platforms and hope to meet somebody can help them. Young mothers who bring on the back their babies newborn so they can work and maybe try to sell something before the day finish. Young girls who lost their smile, their lighteartedness, the beauty of a flower that was sprouting.

And about the young girl who was walking on the damp sand?

She should have to found a job, she should have gently put her baby on the back and try to sell something.

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Posted on 24/10/2016 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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