Freedom, Samuel Colombo’s new international newspaper


Freedom of expression, freedom of communication, freedom of doing a kind of journalism not aligned with the world’s ideologies, yet led by a logic that does not stop at appearances of scientific researches but verifies and examines them.

FREEDOM, because we want it to be a free newspaper that offers an open discussion, an in-depth analysis, not spoilt by what the world wants.

We want FREEDOM to be a free newspaper that guarantees and safeguards human beings as creatures desired and created by God. And God has made us first of all free.

FREEDOM because our freedom in making the news wants to reach everybody.

In this particular historical period we are living, any kind of news, either political or religious news, are controlled and blocked in case they do not meet the canons and the rules of the ones who want to control information in order to achieve devilish goals.

In this particular historical period we are living, there is who wants to limit any kind of freedom: freedom of expression, of movement, of choice.

In this particular historical period we are living, there are powers above us that want and claim the pretense to constrain us, to control us, to tell us what we can say, write, think or choose.

Here is our newspaper, FREEDOM. Here is our decision to freely seek the truth. That truth that is most often hidden, besmirched, blocked.

We took the decision to start with this new newspaper FREEDOM precisely because we want to investigate situations in depth, we want to see the facts clearly and understand what is hiding behind, which are the powers ultimate aims and where they are heading.

FREEDOM, because information must be free.

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Posted on 01/08/2020 in Never Lose Hope

Written by Samuel Colombo

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