BY VIVIAN COLOMBO   Fine sand, Warm sand, Dry sand.   I’m here speaking to you, I’m here gazing at you While you extended in your length and width.   I’m here  And my heart is carried away by your smell, By the words you evoke in my soul.   This place is called desert…

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX USA (2642870a)  Hayat Boumeddiene, far right  Hayat Boumeddiene 'appears in Islamic State film' - 06 Feb 2015  The latest video released by French-speaking Islamic state (ISIS), fighters may be Hayat Boumeddiene, who is believed to have knowledge about the deadly January 9, 2015 attack on a Paris kosher grocery,The video, titled "Blow Up France 2," was released Tuesday and shows an ISIS fighter praising previous attackers in France and calling for new attacks. The video shows a woman standing next to the speaker, wearing camouflage clothing and holding a weapon. French authorities are investigating the possibility this woman could be Hayat Boumeddiene. Her husband, Amedy Coulibaly, killed four hostages January 9 at a kosher grocery in Paris, authorities said. He was killed by police in a rescue and the remaining hostages fled to safety.


BY SAMUEL COLOMBO In June 2014, the group formally declared the establishment of a “caliphate” – a state governed in accordance with islamic law, or Sharia, by God’s deputy on Earth, or caliph. It has demanded that Muslims across the world swear allegiance to its leader – Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri al-Samarrai, better known as…

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Real Friends are Those who are able to show you light even in a dark night. Those who don’t run away when problems and troubles are around you but they stay and fight with you during the storm. Those who are able to look into your eyes and never condemn you but only with the aim…

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BY VIVIAN COLOMBO I walked the streets of the city when suddenly my gaze is resting on a joung mother who was holding in her arms her little baby born a few days. A small infant with arms and legs that looked like the little bones of a skeleton. My eyes rested on this baby…

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Breath Let yourself be illuded by waves Now hight, now low But don’t let yourself be swallowed Listen to the rustle of the wind, To the call of animals And go into the creation of the Father. Breathe Get out of the world Open your lungs to Christ’s life. Breathe  Look at the nature and…

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